We have used so much of our own “product” that it took us literally over 5 years to get this live…the good news is, is that it’s works better than awesome…what caused the delay is that we have tested the sh*t out of it…and after crushing so many beverages “market research” we have determined that its finally ready to launch.

Mission Statement: To make the world a more awesome place and to bring peace and bonding through crushing beverages.

Why we made the GPA (Global Party Accesory):
1. Because our Dentist was pissed from the lack of enamel on our teeth
2. One of us filleted our thumbs trying to “get super awesome”
3. Chics dig it
4. Speed Matters
5. For the Glory
6. Knives are for steak…and funnels are for oil
7. Because there aren’t enough keychains in the world
8. Frat guys will buy it
9. Shotgunning is a right of passage
10. To make our Mom’s proud!

Where we recommend using the GPA Shotgun Can Opener:
1. Sporting events that involve tailgating
2. Booze Cruises
3. Jazzercise classes
4. Right before you take your pants off
5. All outdoor activities and events (the bar just got raised)

We will keep uploading and posting some of our pics and stories from our “data research” please send us your testimonials and lets share how awesome we are and can get. After all its all about living life and searching to find the “real” definition of awesome!

Hit us up if you have any questions: shotguncanopener@gmail.com or call us at 503 803 4668.

Thanks and enjoy!

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